Peter Machin, PhD

Medicinal Chemistry Advisor

Peter Machin has worked in the Pharma sector for over 33 years. He spent 20 years at the UK Roche Research Centre culminating in responsibility as Director of Chemistry for all drug discovery chemistry in the UK. In 1994 he moved to SmithKline Beecham as Vice President, Discovery Chemistry Europe, responsible for all chemical sciences (Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical/Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry) in the UK, France and Italy. In 2001 after the formation of GlaxoSmithKline he became Senior Vice President for Discovery Research, Chemistry & Screening Sciences, responsible for hit discovery and optimization globally in GSK. He has very broad experience of the drug discovery and development processes. He was responsible for the chemistry groups who discovered two marketed compounds (Invirase and Altabax) and has put over 30 other compounds into clinical development.  Since April 2007 he has been an independent consultant in drug discovery.

He is also a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Cedric Merlot, MSc

Database Consultant

Cédric Merlot is the CEO of Drugdesigntech which he founded in 2007. After receiving a MSc in Chemistry, he started his career at Sanofi-Aventis in the molecular modelling group. In 2001 he joined Serono and had increasing responsibilities in the Scientific Computing department, with a focus on data management for small molecules and biologicals and computer-assisted drug design for small molecules. At Genkyotex, Cedric is responsible for building a scientific computing infrastructure to support the progression of products from discovery to clinical development and including both knowledge management and computational chemistry.

Martin Pue, PhD

Consultant Project Manager

A PhD scientific manager with over 25 years of international experience in pharmaceutical preclinical, clinical and business development and commercialisation, including operational and strategic project management, alliance management and general scientific management with a proven track record of delivering results and implementing change. Project management experience in pan-European and US development and registration of new chemical entities, including the establishment of effective relationships with commercial partners to achieve successful European and North American new product launches.  Martin’s experience includes 14 years in large pharma – Smith Klein Beecham- where he headed DMPK and Clinical Trial Supply functions and leading drug development projects in biotech companies including Vanguard Medical, Vernalis and Antisoma.